Hooking for Charity

11 May

Ha. Made you look.

I’ve recently become obsessed… er… AVIDLY INTERESTED in crochet. More specifically making Granny Squares and little crocheted flowers. I’m currently on the disabled list so I have plenty of time for making those little yarn loop fantasies. I even indulge in PDCs (public displays of crochet), and crochet while I’m riding the bus or sitting at the hospital waiting for the bus.

But let’s face it, there are only so many squares of crochet goodness that I can use myself. I’ve already make two afghans, a scarf and a tablecloth since March. Oh yeah, and the big pile of random granny squares.

I got to thinking that maybe someone could use these little obsessions of mine, and buddied up to my pal Google. His response (odd how I think of the Goog as a “he”) to “crochet granny squares for charity” put out a nice little list of places that were actively seeking the things.

A lot of the places are very specific in what they want. They want certain patterns, certain yarns, specific gauges, fussy finishing off methods. I can respect that. But I can’t live by your rules, man. Besides, I have this big box of squares already made.

Finally, I ended up at the Online Angels. Google them, and you’ll find them. They take Granny Squares in 4, 6 and 12 inch sizes and after contacting Mary Reinhart at the organization, she said she would be happy to take my squares AND my little flowers! Of course this just gives me an excuse to crochet even more granny squares.

Seriously, though, if you’re a crafter and you like to make things but your family is pretty burned out on all those socks and scarves you’re passing out, check out Online Angels. They can use all kinds of items like hats, socks, scarves, mittens, etc. They also collect random items like puzzle books (another thing I have a big honkin’ pile of), toiletry items, and school supplies.

Obsession doesn’t seem so bad when you can use it to help someone else, now does it?

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