Cutting for Charity

22 May

The summer shearing has taken place. It looks very much like my current avatar. For the last few years I’ve let my hair grow out for a year or so, until it’s down my back, and then I have it chopped off to donate. It doesn’t cost me anything, and in fact, the salon I go to gives me a free hair cut if I donate AND they take care of packaging and sending away the hair.

I get my hair cut at one of those big chain places, Great Clips. The do an adequate job and I can get in and out pretty fast. I’ve never been one of those girls all hung up on how my hair is. As long as I like it, it meets my criteria. I also tend to like crazy, wild haircuts so I guess that makes it easier. If they make a mistake, who the heck can tell!

But back to the charity thing. If you’re interested in donating hair this way, the best thing to do is go online and do a search. Then read up on the different charities and look into how they handle their donations. Some of them require longer hair and won’t take hair that is more that a certain percentage of grey. Sadly, this is more of an issue for me lately.

I donate to Locks of Love because I go to Great Clips and they’re affiliated, apparently. Otherwise I have to take my hair home, find forms and get it mailed off. However, if you plan on donating to Locks of Love do be aware that: the wigs they make for kids are NOT free to them, and they do sell some of the hair they get donated to “cover operating expenses”. I’m ok with the last one. If they can’t use my gray hair, I’m fine with them selling it to get a few pennies to add to the cost of getting supplies and such to make the wigs. I just wish they could make it so the kids could get the wigs for free.

The form for Locks of Love now includes a space to donate while you get rung up for your free hair cut. Maybe if more folks donated hair AND a few bucks, they could get to the free wigs for kids stage.

And how is any of this related to crafts? Um.. well.. oh! Yeah, people do make jewelry and such out of hair. And when I was a kid, I was prone to snipping off the ends of my hair to use it as hair on my collage creations, much to the annoyance of my mother…

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