Apple of My Nostalgia

12 Oct
Apple Crochet

Apple Crochet

I made this apple on October 6, 2011. Yes, I made it because Steve Jobs had passed away. It’s probably pretty geeky and weird of me but I admit to being an unabashed Apple fan girl.

My first contact with a Mac was in December 1984. I worked for a technology company doing typesetting and keeping the textbook authors freaked out by writing little autoexec programs so that their PCs would misbehave. I’m funny that way.

The company bought a Mac 512K just to see what this newfangled thing was all about. It looked funny. They put it in a little cubicle all by itself and invited everyone to try it out. The poor little thing was shunned. But it drew me. And I’d find myself coming in early to work with the little boxy thing. Suddenly I knew that I no longer wished to touch PCs. And I began to shun them.

Fast forward 27 years and I’ve pretty much worked with or owned every model of Mac in existence. And of course there’s the arsenal of iPods to contend with. I covet a Touch and an iPad but circumstances make them out of my reach.

The death of Steve Jobs makes me sad on a lot of levels. Sad that he’s gone of course. Sad that someone with a lot of potential had to be cut down so soon. But mostly I’m sad for my Macs. I have a feeling that the products will gradually lose the thing that made them resonate so deeply with many of us despite being machines. I think Steve Jobs was a lot of that “machine soul” Apple products have.

I wait to see what becomes of Apple. And maybe I’ll make a few more apples just for nostalgia.

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