Day 47: Flower in a Square

16 Feb

Flower in a SquareToday’s square: Flower in a Square
Size: 6 inch
Pattern By: Sucrette
Hook: H
Yarn: Herrschners Worsted 8 Blush, Red Heart Super Saver White
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: Look at this square. Now look at yesterday’s square. Now look at this square. They both look pretty much the same in pattern (my color changes are different). This pattern uses clusters instead of straight DCs in the flower portion but the effect is pretty much the same as the “Little Circle Square”. It became apparent to me when I was photographing it. I kept thinking I’d already taken it’s picture, but I was confusing it with Little Circle Square. Doh.

And if anyone else is pretty darned tired of these pink and white squares, rejoice. I only need to make five more 6-inch squares in this color scheme, and eight 12-inch traditional grannies!

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Posted by on February 16, 2012 in 366 in 2012, Crochet


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