Bernat Mystery CAL Clue 5 FINISHED

23 Mar

Bernat Mystery CAL clue 5Today’s square: Bernat Mystery Cal Clue 5
Size: 8.25 inch
Pattern By: Bernat Design Studio
Hook: H
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Real Teal
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: All six clue five motifs finished now, and my oddball way of keeping them together. The piece of torn paper says “Clue 5”. I’ve now finished all of clues 1, 2 and 5. I have a few more to go on clues 3 and 4 and the new clue 6 doesn’t do anything for me at all. I may repeat the clue 2 pattern for that. None of my motifs are anywhere NEAR the size indicated in the clues, but they all seem like they might fit together. I may just have a tiny afghan.

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Posted by on March 23, 2012 in 366 in 2012, Crochet


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