Day 114: The story so far

23 Apr

I’m taking today to take stock of where I am so far with this year’s crochet, and what I have planned. Right now I’ve actually done 191 squares, which means I’m technically 77 ahead of schedule at this point! Some of the squares, like the Little Dahlias and the Bernat Mystery CAL squares I lumped together in one post instead of putting them on separately. That would have just been too boring, though I do keep listing the little Dahlias in bunches.

So far I’ve finished the squares for my Pink and White blanket project and the pillowghan project. They only need joining. I have started work on the Little Dahlia blanket and a pastel lapgan. I expect pieces for those will be finished before the end of the year.

Also, in conjunction with the Olympics every two years, Ravelry has a site wide event called Ravelympics. The object is to challenge yourself with your particular craft and complete projects during the time frame of the Olympics. I’ve joined Team Crochet and Team Red Heart. As of right now my events will be a crocheted hoodie and joining of the two blanket projects. That’s a lot to do in fourteen days! I’ve never made actual clothing before so that’s going to be my major challenge to be sure!

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Posted by on April 23, 2012 in Crochet


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