Day 155: Pink Crush

03 Jun

Pink Crush HeartsToday’s square: Pink Crush
Size: 12 inch
Pattern By: April Moreland
Hook: H
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Hot Red.
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: Another little filet. I added two rounds of DC to bring it to 12 inches. If I do this pattern again, I think I would raise the center “hole” of each of the top three up one round. I think it would make the hearts even more shapely!

Gratuitous tip: Don’t do filet crochet while you’re watchinga Mythbusters marathon. You will lose count and have to frog about 3 times. Or maybe that’s just me…

And an unsolicited observation: I notice a lot of designers name their patterns after the color they made the sample. This one is Pink Crush. But I made it with red. I could call it Red Hearts in Red Heart! But I digress. I’ve done quite a few patterns that are color named but when you do the pattern in another color it isn’t very descriptive after all.

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