Day 196: Flower Grannie

14 Jul

Flower GrannieToday’s square: Flower Grannie
Size: 8 inch
Pattern By: Andrea Harrison
Hook: H
Yarn: mystery yarn in ivory, navy, pink, TLC Essentials Lt Celery
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: Wow. This pattern was written in a completly non-standard way. I had to do a lot of rewriting to get the math to come out, get the sides even and make it square. I added two rounds to square it off. Here’s how I redid it starting with round 7:

Round 7: instead of putting the three TR in the same stitch, put one in each of the three stitches in the valley of the petal. then: HDC, SC in next 4 stitches, HDC, TR in next 3 stitches. Continue around. Join with slst with top of first TR.

Round 8: ch2, dc, *(tr, ch3, tr) in corner space, dc in next 3, HDC in next 3, sc in next 5, hdc in next 3, DC in next 3. Repeat from * You’ll end up doing two DC to finish in order to make that one side work out.

Round 9: DC in each stitch around, working (2DC, ch2, 2DC) in each corner.

Round 10: SC in each stitch around, working (1sc, CH2, 1sc) in corner.

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