Sweater Saga

12 Aug

Crochet SweaterOk, it’s not really a saga since I haven’t been posting about it continuously, but it’s a saga in my mind. I started this sweater in conjunction with the Ravellenic Games on Ravelry. The start time was July 27 and we were to finish our projects on August 12 by midnight BST, which means 7pm today in my time zone. You can see by the picture that’s not going to happen!

The back is finished and the front is finished to the point of shaping the neck. I still have to make the sleeves and put the whole thing together. The pattern has a hood, but I have decided to leave the hood off and instead try to put patch pockets on it… or one of those front pockets that you use to keep your hands warm.

Although I didn’t finish the sweater in time to get my virtual medal in the games, I still have enjoyed the process. As a relatively new Ravelry denizen, I had never participated in their online games that correspond to another large sporting extravaganza that takes place every two years. It was fun getting into the spirit of the thing and working on projects along with over 12,000 other people. And the games gave me the kick in the pants to actually start the project.

So I’ll probably finish the sweater over the next couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing it finished, and I’m especially looking forward to wearing it somewhere! I’ve grown fond of my sweater and I think I will enjoy wearing it. I also think I would like to try other clothing pieces now.

After all, this was really the point of the whole Ravelry games thing–to take up a challenge and see what you can do. I may not have gotten a medal, but I’m glad I participated!

This year I set myself the challenge of doing a crocheted square every day. I think next year I might set the challenge of making a certain number of clothing items for myself. I’ve found a pattern for a cute T-shirt. Everyone will find out what my 2013 challenge is in January.

Unless all the dire end of the world predictions for 2012 are true. Then I’ll not be doing anything after December 21….

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