The Ongoing Sweater

24 Aug

Sweater Saga FrontYeah, I’m still working on the sweater. And I thought I’d be able to do this in 17 days. I crack me up. I’ve finished the front now, and then I thought I’d be going on to the EASY part–the sleeves. But in the words of one of my favorite comedians-Oh nay nay! Who knew two rectangles could be such a challenge!

My problem seemed to come with the increases. The sleeves increase from 42 to 83 stitches, then continue on in a rectangle for several inches. Now, I’ve done increases in the round before. I even have good success with them! But increases on the ends just seem to be my downfall. I have actually made about 4 sleeves now and none of them was right. One veered off on the side so it had no sleevelike quialities at all. One sleeve didn’t bother to increase in size, though I MADE the increases. I don’t know what happened with that one. The next one made halting increases so it looked jagged. I was starting to think a vest was looking pretty good right then.

I asked for help from the lovely ladies in the 2012 BAMCAL on Ravelry and was encouraged to think outside the box and start from the TOP and DECREASE as those are much easier. This is a fantastic idea as the sleeve is a bit too narrow around the wrist for me. I like a floppy sleeve so doing the decreases allows me to figure out a wider cuff.

The second idea of mine is to make the sleeve the same all the way down. It would be a different look and a wide sleeve but that would be all right, too. I’m now working on what I hope will turn out to be the ultimate sleeve. I think I will taper it down to about 60 stitches at the end, which means I only have to decrease about 20 stitches over the length of the thing. Wish me luck!

I think next time I get the bright idea to make a sweater, it will be a baby sweater…

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