Early Goal

14 Oct

A Pile of 366 SquaresI made a total of four of the solid squares from yesterday for my placemat project. And that officially brings me to a total of 366 squares made this year. Well, actually it’s a little over that because I’ve done some test squares for designers that I can’t show yet!

The picture to the left shows all the squares dumped out on a queen sized bed. There’s a lapghan at the top that uses a bunch of the squares. The two plastic bags in the upper left are 5 gallon bags stuffed with 6 inch squares made for specific projects. The peach stack in front of them go along with one of the projects. I started assembling my Little Dahlia throw and it’s also in the pile. The pile is three squares deep in some spots.

But though I’ve met my goal of 366 in 2012 quite early, I’m continuing with square making the rest of the year. I think in the spirit of the thing I should continue until the end of the year. Besides, I have all these new pattern books to work through!

And I’m already thinking up what to do for my challenge next year! Thanks again to everyone who’s following along!

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