Beginning My Coat of Many Colors

03 Feb

Granny Square JacketAs some of you may remember, in July 2012 I got the grand idea to crochet my first ever sweater. The pattern I chose was just too much for my interest level. Constructed entirely of SC, boredom quickly set in and I just put it aside. I will probably be frogging it in the near future.

It’s a new year and I’m determined to make a sweater! I seem to be able to turn out mass quantities of squares, so I chose the Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket by Maggie Weldon. To further cement my resolve, I had to actually pay for the pattern.

The jacket requires 32 traditional granny squares. The squares are joined and finished out with granny borders. My jacket will be either red or black where the pattern photo shows brown. The rest of the squares are a random mix of scraps and whatever I have on hand.

We. Shall. See.


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24 responses to “Beginning My Coat of Many Colors

  1. Nice piece of work

    February 3, 2013 at 1:34 am

    I really love this and cannot wait to see how yours turns out. It’s going to be the sort of thing that EVERYONE comments on when you wear it 🙂


    • craftlyn

      February 3, 2013 at 2:25 am

      I think you’re right. I’m using up bits and pieces I have lying around so there’s no real theme to the centers of the squares. I’m anxious to see it myself!


  2. E.C.

    February 3, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    I can hardly wait to see your finished sweater. I know it’ll be a buffet of rich luscious colors. I look forward to your updates on your progress. 🙂


    • craftlyn

      February 3, 2013 at 3:00 pm

      Thank you! I’m kind of excited about it myself.


  3. Bekka Poo

    February 12, 2013 at 11:23 am

    “We. Shall. See.” I sure hope so! 🙂 That could probably be the motto of every crocheter.


    • craftlyn

      February 13, 2013 at 12:04 am

      You’re right about that. It’s certainly mine. Sometimes my plans are much grander than my attention span.



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