And Then There Were Two

01 Mar

Granny Coat SleevesI finished the second sleeve for my jacket! I pondered after making the first one and decided to make it a bit bigger. It fit just fine around my arm if I had on a T-shirt or bare arms, but I thought I would like to be able to wear it over a sweatshirt, too. So I added four rows to the second sleeve as I was making it, then went back and added a corresponding four rows to the already finished sleeve. I hope that doesn’t totally screw up the rest of the jacket. If it looks problematic I can always rip out those added rows.

With the last sleeve post I complained that the pattern didn’t say you should do rows on each side of the squares. I’ve reread it about a jillion times and I guess it does. It says to work along each three-square edge. I guess the word “each” wasn’t doing it for me. Doh.

Now it’s on to more end weaving so that I can start the construction of the body of the jacket.

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