Come Together, RIGHT NOW

09 Mar

Granny Jacket construction 1Here are some crappy pictures of the jacket so far. All of the squares are assembled and now I’m just crocheting around to complete the body. I just can’t seem to crochet fast enough! I want to put it on and wear it. NOW!

I’m running out of black. One skein I thought was black is really dark blue. I can’t order any more until April! I was thinking I might finish the rest of the front rounds in a deep dark red. I wonder if that would look stupid? What do you think? I have to do eleven rounds around the front and hood and I’m in the middle of round 5 right now. Six rounds of black and five rounds of deep red? With maybe a round of the red aroud the sleeves and hem to tie it all together? Or just crochet until the yarn runs out and wait until April to finish?

The hood is sort of gigantic. I forgot that you had to do all those border rounds around it. But once I attached the hood, I really don’t see how you could make it smaller. It attaches perfectly with the size it is. I’m thinking I might put a drawstring on it later. Then if it’s cold I can cinch it up!

So far, I’m happy with how it’s coming around.

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