Another Vintage Crochet Magazine

12 May

Crochet World Feb 2000You may remember I’ve recently started picking up old crochet magazines of different types when I can find them for cheap or for free. It’s interesting to see crochet trends over the years. My most recent find is a Crochet World Magazine from February 2000. I often see people talking about everything that’s “wrong” with crochet, and this magazine pretty much embodies all of them! Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of maligning any kind of crochet. If you enjoy it, then do it. I happen to like sixties and 70s type things which makes most everyone roll their eyes. But that’s ok. This particular magazine is almost all filled with doll clothes and oddball household items like a computer monitor cover and boxes to hold your VHS tapes and cassettes. There is one pattern for a nondescript cardigan, and a couple of filet patterns, but the rest is mostly doll related. I liked the tagline on the cover: Fun Projects for the New Millennium! I’m not sure if this issue is representative of this title or not. I might buy a newer issue and see what it’s like. But if nothing else it was a fun look to the beginning of the new millennium of crochet!

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