End Weaver

31 Jul

On some of the boards I moderate on Ravelry there’s always someone asking about weaving in their ends on projects. Everybody has a “foolproof” method that they use. I found this video on the Red Heart website which is pretty much how I do it. The demonstrator shows going forward and back in a straight line while I sort of go up and down AND back and forth. And believe me, those ends are in there for good. I’ve wanted to change rounds on squares I’ve already woven and I’ve had to resort to cutting them so I’m confident in my method! When I can, I also crochet over some of the tail, but I still leave enough to do the weaving, too.

She also shows three needles. On a personal note I like the bent tipped metal needle. It helps get into those tight stitches. I tried some plastic ones and they snapped. Or maybe I’m just too tense…

What do you think? Is this how you weave in? What kind of needle do you use?


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2 responses to “End Weaver

  1. Terri Neu

    August 10, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    OMG! Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve always had trouble with my ends either coming unwoven (is that a word), especially with softer yarns, or I haven’t been able to get them completely hidden. I’ve also been told to use a needle to weave in the ends but haven’t known how to do that. This is extremely helpful! Thank you, again! 🙂


    • craftlyn

      August 10, 2013 at 6:57 pm

      I’m so glad you found it helpful! I still have some ends wanting to appear with soft slick stuff like Caron Simply Soft. But still, I weave enough so that it’s not a big disaster. I’ve seen some people suggest something like Fray Check in those cases but I can’t speak from experience and I don’t know how that holds up over time. I used to leave short-ish tails for weaving but now I leave 4 to 6 inches. It’s worth the extra time to weave a lot.



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