Another Yarn Windfall

06 Dec

Variegated yarn ListiaListia comes through again with these yarn beauties. Two skeins of RHSS Sierra, one skein of TLC Essentials Villa, and three balls of Lily Sugar n Cream cotton in denim blue.

Somebody asked me how I get all these lovely things on Lista. Listia is basically a barter site. You list things to give away and buyers pay with credits they’ve built up. You in turn use your credits for “giving things away” to get free things. In order to get credits I list some graphics that I make, which don’t get many credits usually. Sometimes I’ll list a piece of jewelry that I’ve made or some jewelry findings since I can’t really see well enough to make jewelry anymore. Finally, I have a couple of survey sites that I earn rewards on. One of the rewards is gift cards. I list those cards, they bring lots of points, I get a haul like this one. Money never changes hands, which is a good thing when you don’t have money for yarn to begin with.

Yarn used to be a good point bargain on Listia, but now it seems a lot of yarnies have discovered it so it takes more points to get yarn. I’ve also gotten some rare, out of print crochet books, and , yes, even coupons for free candy or guacamole. Sometimes guac trumps yarn.


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3 responses to “Another Yarn Windfall

  1. Nice piece of work

    December 6, 2013 at 12:21 am

    the barter system….interesting post-modern concept!!! I’m looking around me as I type…


    • craftlyn

      December 6, 2013 at 12:42 am

      I’ve used barter for a long time, though I just discovered Listia recently. When I was doing freelance graphics as a living I often bartered typesetting. Like typesetting menus for free meals at new restaurants for example.



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