What the H E Double Hockey Sticks!?

05 Jun

I’ve always been a bit of a nomad. And as such, moving was a chore I had down to a science. A lazy science at that. I’ve always used a company called Labor Ready. They’re nationwide and wherever I am I can find a Labor Ready outlet. My strategy was to hire four guys to come in, pack up my stuff, load it in the truck. If the move was in the same city, they’d unload at the other end. If it was cross country, I’d hire another group of them at the other end to reverse the process. It was quick, they worked like champions and did a great job. I never had a bad experience. And I’ve never had a pack and load take more than four hours.

My mother decided to move downstairs in my building from upstairs. I can’t get up the stairs very well anymore, and after my dad passed away I think she just wanted a new place. They’d lived in the apartment they were in for 30 years.

Today was moving day. My mom decided to hire a “professional” moving company. They had a nice big ad in the phone book and the man she talked to seemed very knowledgeable. The move should’ve been pretty easy since they didn’t have to pack securely, just well enough to get the things down the steps.

About two hours into her move, I was ready to beat the movers with my cane. They moved like slugs. They took smoke breaks every 20 minutes then had the nerve to complain because there was some dust under cabinets that hadn’t been moved in 30 years. One guy showed up dressed in all white and complained that his clothes were getting dirty. My last straw came when one of the movers strolled in carrying a power strip. A. POWER. STRIP. That was the only thing he’d carried on that trip. I said “careful now, don’t throw your back out with that load!” At the 6 hour mark my mother was at the end of her rope and just told them to go home. They had the nerve to charge her SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for a move that they did not complete. They didn’t do ANY packing, and on two separate occasions all four of them left for a period of time. They didn’t bring any boxes even though she’d contracted for them, nor did they bring any dollies or moving straps for carrying the large furniture downstairs–claiming all their equipment had been stolen the night before.

So now, she has half her stuff in one place and half of it in the new place. She’ll probably end up calling Labor Ready to finish the move. They probably would have done the move AND unpacked for the $600.

When did work people get so shoddy? It’s like they were terribly inconvenienced by a move that my mom THOROUGHLY outlined in her conversation with the owner of the company. And yes, she did say there might be some dust under those cabinets. She’s going to call and complain but she shouldn’t have to. People should do what they say they will do, especially if they run a business of doing just that one thing.


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3 responses to “What the H E Double Hockey Sticks!?

  1. katythenightowl

    June 6, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    If she doesn’t at least get half of her fee back, maybe there’s some official trade office she could complain to about the appalling service?

    I do hope you can get the move finished without too much more hassle, though! :/


    • craftlyn

      June 6, 2014 at 6:22 pm

      Yeah, it was easy to get hold of them BEFORE the move, now they don’t call back. I’m pretty sure they’re aware they’ve done a shoddy job. But I’ll certainly keep on them.


  2. Nice piece of work

    June 9, 2014 at 3:24 am

    cowboys. everywhere.



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