Oh the Irony

15 Aug

Yes, it was grocery day today and that always means a plethora of wacky characters! Like the guy who decided that I would be interested to know that the grocery spent $2500 replacing the sliding doors in the stores. He seemed to think this was why milk was so expensive. Who knew!

Today for some reason the big thing seemed to be floor pillows. My branch is a smaller store and usually doesn’t have a lot of house type items. These pillows were actually kind of cool. Very sixties in color and style. People were buying them left and right. I actually had to refrain from buying one since I ran amok buying pillows last month. I can’t pass up a buy one get one free. In this case it was buy one package get one free. Each package had six. So now I have a dozen sleeping pillows on my bed in addition to the two extra ones I got because the 12 were too soft for sleeping. But I digress…

Anyway, as I waited for the bus, a store employee pushed a cart out for a lady who had purchased a pile of these retro floor pillows. She sternly warned him to keep good hold of them and not let them get on the floor because they were for her “precious grandbabies” to lie on and she didn’t want to expose them to bad things. I’m thinking the irony of having the rest of the cart filled with beer and her standing over the cushions puffing a Marlboro totally escaped her…

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One response to “Oh the Irony

  1. Nice piece of work

    August 15, 2014 at 1:42 am

    Your post is the first thing I’ve read this morning. It’s set me up for the entire day 🙂



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