365 Granny Squares

15 Feb

365 Granny Squares BookA while ago a Ravelry friend had run out of a Red Heart yarn in the middle of a project and found they’d discontinued it. I happened to have a big ball (well, it was a collapsed cake to be honest) of it and I sent it out to her.

On Friday this lovely book arrived at my door! I hadn’t expected anything in return for my yarn so this was a real surprise! This book was only recently published and is wonderful to look at. It features a wire binding that lets the book lie flat when you’re using it. It also has instructions for stitches and choosing yarn and abbreviations included.

The book actually contains 365 patterns. Sometimes books claim a high number and then you find that a lot of those are just different colors of the same pattern. (I’m looking at you, 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans.) The patterns range from easy to advanced. There are squares worked in the round and in rows. There are lacy squares and dense squares. Some have surface crochet and some are asymmetrical.

This book falls into the same trap that a lot of crochet block books do–they assume you’re going to work the squares in the colors they show you. The book is divided into color sections, ostensibly making it easier to work a batch of squares that will go together if you work within the section or use complimentary sections. But I guess it’s a nice touch if you DO use the colors they specify.

One thing that I really like is that each square is named. It’s confusing when you work out of a lot of books that have their squares numbered only. I end up with multiple squares named “Square 10” and so on. So kudos for taking the time to name each one!

I’ve really enjoyed looking at this book and can’t wait to get working on it. I could spend a whole year just working one a day out of it….

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One response to “365 Granny Squares

  1. Nice piece of work

    February 16, 2015 at 12:41 am

    The book looks stunning. And how nice to keep the circle of giving going round and round and round……



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