Ironic Anniversary

10 Apr

It doesn’t seem like a year since my dad passed away, but April 7 marked the day. In the first irony, that’s also my mom’s birthday. In the second irony I spent the anniversary once again back in the hospital one floor below where my dad was.

Luckily, my ailment was treatable, but so far they haven’t really decided what the deal is. In the space of a month I’ve had 3 liters of fluid drawn off my left lung. It’s frustrating because I’ve had stage 3 Lymphedema and possibly lipo-lymphedema for many years. And yet, most doctors won’t even consider that as a contributing factor. Some doctors don’t even believe it exists. Now there’s a bummer when you’re trying to get treatment!

But, for now I’m back home and doing all right. We’ll see how that lasts. Everybody basically threw up their hands and said “Ok, let’s just go with a low salt diet and see what that does.” Yes. I’m in hell.

But, as usual there’s always a story with my adventures. And this time was no different. I don’t usually list Benadryl as as allergy at the hospital because it’s an over the counter drug and I don’t expect to be given it. And it’s not so much an allergy as an oddity. It makes me higher than a kite! If I ever wanted to be high all the time I could do it very cheaply!

Anyway, I was about to have a cat scan which required me to drink a bottle of the most awful stuff I’ve ever put in my mouth. It took all I had to keep from upchucking. Just before I had to drink the stuff, the nurse popped some kind of medication into my IV and said “That’s your Benadryl.”

I made something akin to a horrified cry and said I had bad reactions to that stuff! She also looked horrified. Not only had I been given it, but in my IV to boot. It didn’t take long! I started feeling light-headed and my eyes started feeling like they just wanted to float around in their sockets. Then the thing that’s most annoying–the visual hallucinations. This time they were rather interesting. I saw writing appearing everywhere. I first noticed it on a picture frame on the wall. I pondered it, not remembering that the frame had been decorated. It was a black frame and the writing appeared red. Then the writing was everywhere. On the walls, the clock, the floor, the medical equipment. I couldn’t read it, but it was very artistic! I was still loopy during the scan but it had begun to wear off.

One of the people doing the scan wanted to know if I knew why they’d given me the Benadryl in the first place. I said no. She said it was for my iodine allergy. Er… what iodine allergy? Apparently, since I said I couldn’t eat shellfish without getting itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing, an iodine allergy was inferred. Yeesh.

I’m glad it wasn’t the bug hallucination this time…


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2 responses to “Ironic Anniversary

  1. Nice piece of work

    April 11, 2015 at 2:51 am

    The fun never ends.
    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Sounds like you can take better care of yourself at home than those idiots in the hospital.


    • craftlyn

      April 11, 2015 at 1:01 pm

      I have to say the nurses and staff were wonderful. But our hospitals are conglomerates now, and you’re seen by “hospitalists” which means you don’t have a single doctor, you have a “team”. I THINK they feel that’s supposed to make it seem better, but it makes me nervous really. I like one doctor to be in charge of things!



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