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Why yes, it IS more pink

Pink and white 16

Another big pink square. I really need to start joining. It’s getting chilly around here. And I’m getting a hankering to make a poncho. Must. Finish. Bedspread.


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Pinky is the Night

Pink and white 8

Another of the pink and whites for my mom’s bedspread. It was worked at 2 in the morning during a 3 hour power outage. Don’t get me started on our regular power outages. I have this little LED flashlight that I got free with something else. It had a decent enough light for making granny squares, and what else are you going to do at 2 in the morning without internet or TV? That darker round of pink isn’t as pink as I thought it was. I guess the hazards of making things in the dark. But I have enough of that color left to scatter it around in some other squares and it will be all right.


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Last of the Camos

Six more camo squares

Today’s square: Camo Crochet Afghan Square
Size: 5 inch
Pattern By: Paula Daniele
Hook: H
Yarn: It’s going to vary.
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: The last of the Inga’s Hakelbeutel squares for this project! Now I begin assembly. I also have to make the handle. These bags really don’t take long to make at all.


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Kaleidoscope Blossom

Kaleidoscope BlossomToday’s square: Kaleidoscope Blossom
Size: 10 inch
Pattern By: Chris Simon
Hook: H
Yarn: TLC Essentials Dk Thyme; RHSS Candy Print, eggnog; mystery yarns pink, eggplant.
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: This one wasn’t really difficult to make. The only tricky round is round 9 when you’re building the foundation of the square on the back of the flower. The flower really stands up on mine. I may go back and tack it down later. I’m not a big fan of dimensional squares. This is the February Filler Square in the 2013BAMCAL on Ravelry.

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Day 366: Leinhauser Square 29

Jean Leinhauser Square 29Today’s square: Leinhauser Square 29
Size: 8 inch
Pattern By: Jean Leinhauser
Hook: H
Yarn: TLC Essentials Lt. Thyme.
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: This is another from the “101 Crochet Squares” book. Round 6 has some awkward wording but once you get past that it’s mostly easy. I changed the CH3 in that round to CH2. I added a round of DC to bring it to 8 inches.

And this, my friends, completes the 366 squares in 366 days. The ending count was 441 squares completed and 4 squares that are still in the testing bin and can’t be shared. That’s a lotta squares! But it was all fun! And tomorrow is another year.


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Day 365: Centered Square

Centered SquareToday’s square: Centered Square
Size: 6 inch
Pattern By: Jan Eaton
Hook: H
Yarn: TLC Essentials Lt. Plum; mystery yarn heather gray, pink.
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: One more from the 200 Crochet Blocks book. It’s basically a granny square finished off with rounds of DC and SC. I left off the last two rounds to keep it at 6 inches. The center was one of my stash of granny centers. If I have just a little bit of yarn left over of a color, I make up a little center. I noticed that a lot of patterns start with that same basic 3DC/CH2 pattern so I can dip into my bag of centers and have a contrast round.

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Day 364: Lacy Victorian

Lacy Victorian

Today’s square: Lacy Victorian
Size: 7 inch
Pattern By: James G. Davis
Hook: H
Yarn: TLC Essentials Lt. Plum, Lt. Thyme; mystery yarn heather gray.
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: Another very airy square. In round 5 I did a CH5 instead of CH6. In round 7 I replaced the TR with DC. I added a round of SC to bring it to 7 inches. This is from the “50 Fabulous Crochet Squares” book.

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