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Tech Cozy

DVD drive sleeve

I have a little portable DVD drive and decided to make a little sleeve for it to keep the dust off. I also made it red so I could see it wherever I happened to lay it down. šŸ˜€ It’s just two 7.5 inch squares and two small squares for the flap. I whip stitched it together going through all four loops with right sides facing out. It holds the drive and its little cords.

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I Eventually Get Around to Thingsā€¦

Multi PillowghanI started this pillowghan on July 27, 2012. All the squares were finished–they just had to be joined which seems to be my sticking point most of the time. Generally a pillowghan consists of 13 squares–12 for the afghan and one to make the pocket to turn it into a pillow. When you’re using the ‘ghan supposedly you can use the pocket to put your feet in.

Of course I decided to get tricky about it all and made 26 squares, thinking I’d like an oblong pillow. I didn’t think it through enough and so it kind of made the pocket not useable as a foot warmer unless you have the ‘ghan placed low on your lap. But it’ll still be useful.

It was a struggle to get all those squares folded and stuffed into the pocket. I double stitched with double strands when attaching the pocket to make sure it wouldn’t come off.

I’m not as happy with it as I would like, but at least I finished it and now I have space on my shelf to put another project!


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Four Tinies

bag parts 2

Not much to show for the day. Four more little tiny squares for my bag that’s slowly progressing.

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Little Squares and Dots

persimmon bag 1

I didn’t get anything accomplished today, but I DID get a picture taken of the beginnings of my next bag. The yarn is TLC Essentials persimmon and a mystery yarn in ivory. I’m not usually drawn to orange but this looks nice with the ivory.

Oh yeah, I made Swedish meatballs, too.


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Started Another Bag

I started a second version of my little bag that I just finished. Not much to take pictures of yet, though. I decided to get fancy so it has a polka dot scheme. I have a bunch of the dots made and now have to square them up. I think this one will look much better!


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My Little Bag Redux

Small bag with handleI decided to add a built in handle to my little bag. I’m rather pleased with it! After adding the extra rounds the bag is about 6.75 inches tall, 8 inches wide and 2 inches deep. I made the handle the width of two squares, so I’m thinking I could insert extra squares on either side of the handle for a different look.

While thinking about handles, I also thought it could be made with a detachable handle. Just crochet a handle with a clip on each end and crochet little loops onto the sides of the bag to attach them to.

As was suggested by a commenter on yesterday’s post, this bag could easily be lined since it’s rectangular in shape. Not much complicated cutting and shaping to be done. I tend not to line bags because I don’t like to sew! Plus I never have fabric around–but I always have yarn!

I filled this bag with a couple pounds of candy and the handle seems to cope with that all right and the bag doesn’t lose it’s shape much.


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My Little Bag

Small bagMy photography skills are less than desirable when it comes to photographing non-flat things. The bag really looks better than the picture might suggest! I like making it with the small squares, but it might look nice using two large squares for each side, instead. You’d just have to do a little math to make sure that the small ones for the bottom and sides matched up. Or you could use a flat crocheted piece.

I’m still pondering on the finish. I think a magnetic snap is just the ticket. Right now it kind of looks like a little cosmetic clutch. But it’s also just the right size for keeping track of remotes. Or pencils. Or candy. It measures 8 inches wide, 5 inches tall, and 2 inches deep. It would be easy to make several different kinds of handles/straps for it. I have a little more finishing to do on this one but I’m pleased with the way the shape worked out. I’m already wanting to start on the next one!


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