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A couple more

Dulcie Squares 2

Just a couple more squares for the Dulcie sweater. I really like this green.

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Dulcie Crochet Sweater Test

Dulcie Sweater 1I was gifted the pattern for the Dulcie Crochet Sweater by Amanda Perkins. I did some test motifs using some Sidar baby yarn and an H hook. I like the way they look. The pattern has three different specially designed and shaped motifs that look like they should fit together nicely. Of course that means I’d actually have to finish the sweater to find out. But! The upside is the motifs could be useful to make other things, too. Like a table runner or a light shawl or something.

I like the Sirdar. I got it in a bag of yarn someone gave me and I only have the two skeins. I hope I have something of similar weight in my stash to continue once I finish these two skeins!

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The Garment Idea Continues

garment continued

I decided that I would make the body of my garment prototype as two large squares (front and back) and then connect with smaller squares up the sides and as the sleeves. It’s still looking good in my mind. I guess that’s all we can hope for…


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New Project

Eggplant Granny 1

Well I’ve gone and started another project. It’s going to be a garment. And the idea is all in my head right now. We’ll see how that works out. I know it will consist of two large grannies (or two large panels of larger grannies) for the front and back. Then there will be smaller squares for the arms. Maybe a strip of smaller squares down the sides as well. It looks good to my mind’s eye. We’ll see how it ends up looking to my physical eyes!

This is one of those “mindless” projects–just simple hooking of simple granny squares. Sometimes you need something like that for traveling or just relaxing.

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Poncho Complete!!

Big Poncho FinishedI finished my poncho! I guess I shouldn’t have finished it all off at once because now my wrist is complaining but I wanted to wear it! I also found that if you give the poncho a quarter turn it makes an interesting shawl with the pointy parts hanging over the arms instead of in the front and back.

The little half grannies on the neckline look nice! The downside is that I had to figure out a new scheme of decreases for the neckline since I went off-pattern. I ended up ripping out the neck several times until I got something I was happy with. It’s still not totally perfect but if I ever make this again I know where the pitfalls are.

I ended up only doing two extra rounds of DC at the bottom and a round of SC to finish it off. I had enough of the variegated to do that so that made me happy. I have enough left that I could also put a round of it at the neckline. I might do that at another time.

Making this poncho has made me rethink my poncho made of little squares. Instead of following the pattern for that one, I think the easiest thing to do would be make six large squares out of the small squares and join them up like this one.


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I May Actually Finish This Thing!

Poncho with inserts

I got the front and back of the poncho joined. Now all it needs is joining at the shoulders. I was contemplating putting an extra few rows in there but I changed my mind on that. I’m just going to make up the length with rounds around the edges. I also thought about making some little 4 inch squares and adding them around the edges!! I’d almost rather do that than sit and work around and around the hem several times. I’m mostly out of the variegated that I used for the main body. I’ll have to throw in another color from my stash. It might look wacky but them’s the breaks.

As I surmised, the neckline is really large. I made the two half grannies shown and plan on installing them right in the V of the join, then going around with the neckline border. It might save some time and yarn.


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Last One With Trepidation

Big poncho 6

I have completed the last of the six squares. But now I’m worried they still aren’t big enough! Either the pattern was designed for a very small person (despite saying one size fits all) or I’m kinda bigger than I think. :O It’s going to be much shorter than I’d envisioned so I may have to add quite a few colorful rounds along the bottom to make it longer. Oh well. It’s a learning experience I suppose!


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