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Back Among the Living…Literally

I’m baaaack. Yep, I’ve been in the hospital again. It’s been so long since I posted that I can’t remember what I last shared about my hospital adventures. Let’s just say of the last 2 years, I’ve spent about 10 months of it in the hospital. This past Christmas was the first one in three years that I wasn’t in the hospital. It was good to be home for Christmas, even if I wasn’t entirely ambulatory.

This last hospital adventure started out with what was supposed to be a couple of days to take some IV antibiotics to combat an infection building in some skin grafting I had done. The hospital decided to administer a med that was on my allergy list. :O On Thanksgiving evening I coded and ended up in a coma and on a ventilator for five days. I guess they had to use the paddles on me and everything. They called my poor mother at 5 am and told her to come right away because they weren’t sure they could get me back.

I guess I’m too cantankerous to chuck it in yet, and when they took the ventilator out to see if I could breathe on my own I woke and said “Who the hell are you people!?”

They told my mom that I might have some brain issues as they had no idea how long I’d been out before they found me. I do notice that it’s harder to do crossword puzzles now, and I do have an annoying hand tremor that makes coloring a bit difficult. Crochet still works ok though!

My doctor for this last hospital stay is referred to as “Doctor Santa” by many of the aides and nurses. He has a glorious head of white curly hair that falls to his shoulders. He has blue eyes that dance when he’s joking, though you’d never know he jokes from his deadpan delivery and dry wit. My kidney doctor came in one day while the Doc Santa was in my room and says “Is this not the most handsome doctor in the hospital?” I didn’t comment but I was thinking that several of my doctors had a sort of GQ model look about them. :O

My mom had brought a lap robe that I crocheted to the hospital. One day when Dr. Santa came in he asked if I had crocheted it myself. I was surprised that he even noticed the thing. I said yes and he proceeded to say how nice it looked and what a nice border it had and how there was no buckling and how neat and even the stitches were. I thought to myself, here’s a man who either crochets or has someone at home who does!

While I was away my desktop computer pined so much for me that it died apparently. :O Luckily I had a laptop that I can use. I haven’t had the energy (nor the inclination) to get all of my software and such ported over so there won’t be many pictures from me for awhile. I’ve been thinking of doing a little side blog about not much just to get back into the routine of writing and typing and sitting up again.

I’m more mobile now. I was able to ditch the wheelchair and graduate to a rollator, which is a rolling walker that has a seat on it. So if I get wobbly legged I can sit down for a minute. Since I no longer drive, I had to take Wheels home from the hospital. Those of you who have read my adventures know that can be a trip. This last homecoming, I couldn’t get up out of the bus seat. I ended up having t call the fire rescue people to get me off the bus. They were very nice (and also had the look of GQ about them…) and helped me all the way into my apartment. I confess I have a Robert Plant poster hanging up in my living room. One of the firemen says “Oh cool! Are you a Robert Plant fan, too?!” It’s always good to run into other people that share your fandoms.

So, there you have it. My adventures for some time. Hopefully I won’t find myself in the hospital for long term stays any more. I still have to go for outpatient things, but I’m ready to stay home now.


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