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I started another little blog thing for re-honing my writing and word wrangling. Feel free to take a look if you’re so inclined. I’m not going to worry about how it looks or keeping the “look and feel” consistent throughout. Sometimes I get bogged down with that sort of thing rather than concentrating on the writing part. The blog is about my strange cooking habits. Perhaps some of it really shouldn’t be admitted to, but there you go! 😀

Tinkers with Food


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Reflections Upon a Veggie Burger

I’m writing about food while I’m on my crochet hiatus. I may start doing half food, half crochet to maybe give my hands a little break. We’ll see how that works out for me…

I’m not a vegetarian but I do find myself drawn to many veggie type foods. One reason is that they’re lower in calories than their meat counterparts! That was important to aid in losing 100 pounds. The downside to veggie products is that they’re so much more expensive than non-veggie brands that I can’t often buy them. I LOVE soy cheese but in my neck of the woods it’s nearly twice the price of regular cheese. Boo.

Veggie burgers show up in my freezer a lot. They’re quick, tasty and not messy to prepare. I even find myself ordering them if they’re available at restaurants. The Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas has a top-notch veggie burger if you’re in that area some time.

My brand of choice is MorningStar Farms. I’ve eaten a lot of the other brands, too. Gardenburger tastes good but it has an odd texture that bothers me. Kinda squishy. The same with Yves. Boca is ghastly! I don’t like the taste and their products give me a stomach ache.

This week I tried a variety of MorningStar Farms I hadn’t–the Original Griller. Kroger had them on sale for 2.99 for box of 4 (a dollar off). The picture on the box shows grill marks on the thing, but they’re not really on the product. Unless you grill them. I always bake mine, but unfortunately they don’t offer instructions on the box for baking–only for grilling and microwave. I cooked these like I’ve been cooking the Spicy Black Bean Burgers I usually get. Seven minutes at 350, flip, 5 minutes more. Very tasty! I will probably buy this flavor more often now.

The Spicy Black Bean burger is really good, also. Again, they have no directions for baking. I find this odd. They used to. I didn’t come up with this baking thing on my own! But these burgers seem to have gotten more spicy over time. But then I’m having a little spice crisis right now anyway. I used to be able to eat really hot food and loved it. Now sometimes even pizza sauce makes my mouth tingle too much. I blame it on meds.

MorningStar Farms also makes “crumbles” that look like ground hamburger. I use it in chili with good luck. It has a kind of smoky flavor, sort of like they added liquid smoke or something. But that’s not a bad thing in chili. Sometimes it is a bad thing in something milder like Sloppy Joes.

Other MorningStar products that I enjoy are the sausage patties and links. Original flavor on those. I accidentally got the maple flavor one time. Not so happy with that. And don’t even think about the spicy ones. They also have chicken nuggets which are pretty good. Borderline on the texture but I bake them until they’re extra crispy. Avoid the buffalo style unless you want your tongue to be numb for a few days. Those puppies are HOT. The Pizza Burger is good, though it’s not as good loaded up with traditional burger toppings. It’s better with some swiss cheese and no lettuce. I saw Ribs at the last grocery run. I’m still working up my nerve to try those. But I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too far removed from a McDonald’s McRib, except without the meat.


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What I Did This Weekend

Yeah, that would be a big fat nothing. I did do a few rounds of the pink and white project. And a couple more little orange squares for my second bag. Nothing really picture worthy.

But so it won’t be a loss, let me tell you about cake. (I do say in the “About” section that I might talk about cake sometimes and I have yet to do so.). I like cake. No, it’s more than that. It might be a cake obsession truth be told. Having this condition means that if I make a whole cake or buy one, I tend to do walk by tastings until I’ve consumed a whole cake in very little time. Probably not the best idea.

I have recently been turned onto something called a “3, 2, 1” cake. I’m sure this has been around for some time–it’s all over the internet. Where have I been? Whoever came up with this tasty little thing should have a Nobel prize or something.

To make the mix, you start with a box of Angel Food Cake Mix and a box of a regular mix of your choice. I always choose devil’s food. You have to have the Angel Food mix because it provides all the rising ingredients. Mix those two things together well in a zipper bag or a nice container that seals well.

Now, here’s the cake magic. Into a mug or bowl put three tablespoons of your mix. Add two tablespoons of water. Mix well. Pop it into the microwave and cook for 1 minute on high. Instant cake!!! It has the texture of Angel Food cake and the flavor of what other cake you choose.

It dawned on me that this is a ratio thing, so if you want just a little MORE cake (and who doesn’t) just stick to the ratio: 3 parts mix, 2 parts water. I use a 1/8th cup measure which doubles the cake. If you go any bigger than that, you’ll need to cook it longer. It’s done when the top looks dry.

It’s not a sweet cake by any means. But if you’re inclined you can add frosting. To be really decadent put some canned frosting in a bowl and nuke it until it’s liquid. Pour it over the freshly nuked cake. Since the cake has an airy structure, the liquid frosting seeps into the cake and makes it gooey. Or you could bypass all that work and just smother it with chocolate syrup…

Since I’m the lazy sort, I’m not prone to making this again the same day I’ve made it once, so it lets me eat cake without OVEReating cake if you know what I mean.

Try this cake. You’ll thank me later.


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