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And We Have Another Bag

Purple Inga Bag

Today’s Project: Inga’s Hakelbeutel
Size: 7 x 10 inch
Pattern By: Inga Joana Mertens
Hook: H
Yarn: RHSS Lilac, Amethyst
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: Finished yet another bag–my fourth one of this pattern. I use 18 squares instead of 16 to make a single strap bag. Also this time I crocheted the strap right onto the bag instead of making it separately and attaching it. I like it.

purple bag handle


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Inga’s Hakelbeutel the Third

Ingas HakelbeutelToday’s finished project: Inga’s Hakelbeutel
Size: 12×12 inch useable space
Pattern By: Inga Joana Mertens
Hook: H
Yarn: Worsted weight acrylic. Trim in TLC Essentials Claret
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: And here we have the bag all finished. I made 6 squares with different colored centers and put them at the top. And I made it a single strap bag this time. As I’m looking at it, I think making two half squares (also known as a triangle) and attaching them on the sides to fill in a little more might be attractive. I’m already thinking of making another one!! I use them for project bags and to store yarn in. Now I need to get back to my cardigan!

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Inga’s Häkelbeutel Again

Green Tote BagProject: Inga’s Häkelbeutel
Size: 7×7 inch
Pattern By: Inga Joana Mertins
Hook: H
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Limelight, Mint Blue.
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: My second bag! I’m even more pleased with this one! It’s much smaller and makes a nice size for a gift bag or something. It measures about 20 inches around when stuffed with two big yarn cakes as you see in the picture. I did the straps starting with a CH80. I didn’t think they needed to be quite so long as the other one with a smaller bag. I’m not happy with the Caron Simply Soft. That stuff is annoying. Weaving in ends is a nightmare. It’s so slippery that you keep getting little ends popping out everywhere even before you’ve used it. The colors are quite nice though!


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Inga’s Häkelbeutel

Inga's HakelbeutelProject: Inga’s Häkelbeutel
Size: 18×18 inch
Pattern By: Inga Joana Mertins
Hook: H
Yarn: Various colors of RHSS and mystery yarns.
Pattern from: Ravelry

Notes: You may remember I made a series of 16 Square Target squares from the “200 Crochet Squares” book last year. This is the project they were for. Since the squares were 7 inch, my bag is pretty large! At 18×18 inches it holds a lot. To get it to stand up for the picture I stuffed it with a lapghan and several skeins of yarn and it still isn’t full.

This pattern is a marvel of construction. It makes a flat bottomed bag with a beautiful shape. I made the handles 6 rows instead of the 3 called for since my squares were so big. But remember that you add two more rows when you finish it by crocheting all around the top of the bag. I found it helpful to mark the A B C and D squares to correspond with the pattern diagram so that I didn’t end up attaching something in the wrong place.

I love this pattern. I’m already starting on a second bag as a gift. 😀


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