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The Story So Far

Flower Blanket Join 1

I’ve begun the joining on my Modern Blanket of Flowers. The pattern called for a slip stitch join so I decided to do that. Boy is that TEDIOUS! If I make another of these (and I might) I’ll join by sewing together like I always do. The slip stitch join is advantageous because of the long strips to join but there’s so much adjusting and placing to do in order to keep the “spokes” aligned that It seems like I need more hands–one to hold the hook, one to tension the yarn, and another one to hold the piece. It’s going to be much smaller than I’d envisioned, but I’m not sure I’d have it in me to add more motifs to make it bigger.

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The Layout

Flower Blanket Layout 1

After laying out my hexagons for the Modern Flower Blanket, I decided that I would like to have an additional row top and bottom. This means I need to make another 12 motifs. That won’t take too long. I’m liking how it’s turning out overall!


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Hot Pad vs Pot Holder

My mom expressed a desire for some pot holders for her kitchen. I happened to have some suitable cotton on hand to make some. She likes frou frou things so I thought I’d look up some fancy pot holder patterns on Ravelry. This led me to the conclusion that many people don’t know the difference between a hot pad and a pot holder. Either that or they’ve never actually cooked anything.

Clue: if your design has LARGE HOLES IN IT, it will be useless as a pot holder. You might as well grab the dang pan with your bare hand. Though on the bright side, the resulting burn from the holey pot holder will be an interesting pattern…

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A Bit of Headway

Pink and white center

My hand finally quit swelling and hurting so I decided to ease it back to work by working on my mom’s bedspread. I have all of the squares for the center (30 of them) joined. Now I just have to put on the round of smaller squares all around and add a border.


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Back to the Pink

Bedspread stripsI got inspired to work on my mom’s bedspread again. She’s decided to move into another apartment downstairs, which I can’t blame her for. Every time you walk into her apartment the first thing you smell is cherry vanilla pipe tobacco which my dad always smoked. I think it will be nice for her to have a totally new space. I thought it would be nice if I finished this off as sort of a housewarming thing. So I’ve joined six strips of 5 blocks each. Now I have to join those strips, add the border of small squares, and then put on a decorative border. Much work, but I think it’ll turn out nice.

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Another Strip

Join 2

One more set of pink and white granny squares joined for the bedspread! I have a sense of accomplishment about it all, despite being far from finished!

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I Finally Get Started

First join

I started joining the pink and white bedspread. One strip down, five more to go. Then the addition of the small squares. Then the border. Ok, it’s a small start but a start nonetheless.


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